CID member

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CharacterRankPortrayed byPeriodNotes
PradyumanACPShivaji Satham1998 – presentReferred to as 'Inspector Shrikant Patkar' in the first three cases.
Temporarily replaced by ACP Prithviraj in Nov/Dec 2005 for three episodes. He is the leader of the CID team. He believes that duty comes first above everything and proved that by killing Nakul, his criminal son. However, he cares a lot about his officers and treats them like his own children. He lost his eyesight during the case of hijacked car and regained it from the case of missing man.
AbhijeetSenior InspectorAditya Srivastava1999 – presentOriginally joined the team as an Inspector to replace Viren. He lost his memory on being hit with a rod in a 1998 case. He is much closer to Senior Inspector Daya. Even though his memory keeps testing him in many cases, he is considered to be one of the best, intelligent and honest officers in the CID team. He is also the best shooter in CID and can shoot with his eyes closed by only hearing the sound. He is shown to have a major crush on Dr.Tarika. Before acting as Abhijeet, he also played the role of a criminal, 'Paresh' in a 1998 case "The Case of Stolen Gun" and stole ACP's gun.
DayaSenior InspectorDayanand Shetty1998 – presentOriginally joined the team as a Sub-Inspector. He won the award for the best looking guy in Indian Television in 2002. He is also the strongest of all the CID officers, popular for breaking open the doors and slapping the criminals. One of the smartest officers and often risks his life to save Abhijeet. In one of the cases in 2009 called Beherupiya, he was considered dead after a gunshot but recovered later and rejoined CID by the next case.
Fredricks(Freddy)InspectorDinesh Phadnis1998 – presentJoined the team as Sub-Inspector. In earlier cases, he was better known as Michael. He was serious from 1998 to 2005 but has gained a comic role since. He is a soft-hearted person and is greatly affectionate towards his wife Manisha.
SachinInspectorHrishikesh Pandey2010 – presentHe joined the CID Team in the episode "Khooni Deewar" (May 7, 2010). In the first case after his return in 2010, he was known as Siddhart and suspected to be the criminal as everyone thought that he makes fake notes, but he was proved innocent and represented 'CID Undercover' (a team of detectives, who keep their identity hidden),so he was hiding his name Siddhart and known as Sachin from the episode "Maut Ka Aashirwad" (May 14, 2010) and finally joined.
VivekSub-InspectorVivek V. Mashru2006–presentHe was selected in a contest held by CID Productions named 'Operation Talash'. First seen in the episode, "The Case of the Killer Eyes" (September 29, 2006).
KajalSub-InspectorJasveer Kaur2010 – presentDebuted in the episode "Maut Ka Aashirwad" (May 14, 2010). At first, she was not allowed to join because her brother Rahul was suspected to be a criminal because everyone thought that he added poison on the ashes of the blessing, but later he was proved innocent. She played roles of criminals in 'The Case Of The Mysterious Gift' in which she killed two men and 'The Case Of The Talking Parrot' in which she kidnapped Abhijeet and assaulted Muskaan.

[edit]Previous Officers

CharacterRankPortrayed byPeriodNotes
TashaSub-InspectorVaishnavi Dhanraj2009–2010First appeared in the case "Khoon Ka Raaj..Ek Aawaz" (May 29, 2009). Was not allowed to join the team because drugs were found in her bag, of which she was unaware of. Later, ACP tested the drugs and found that they were not original. She is very clever and has an intuition to figuring out how crimes may have been caused. She is killed in the line of duty in the episode "Khatre Mein Tasha" (December 04, 2010). She breaths her last in the hospital, surrounded by her CID Team.
Virendra (Viren)InspectorAshutosh Gowariker1998–1999Transferred.
K. SudhakarSub-InspectorDhananjay Mandrekar1998–2005He was a silent figure and also a good friend of Fredricks.
MuskaanSub-InspectorAlka Verma2006–2007She was one of the best woman officers and very smart. However, when Devyana joined C.I.D, she began to feel insecure. She was mean to Devyana and always tried to ridicule her and take credit for her work.Transferred.
DevyanaSub- InspectorMegha Gupta2007–2008Debuted in the case "The Don's Final Revenge" (August 10, 2007). ACP Pradyuman was very rude to her because he thought she was incapable. In "The Case of Dr. O's Mysterious Treasure" (August 31, 2007), he wanted to transfer her because of her belief in superstition and her friendship with Madam Zara, a psychic reader who was disliked by ACP Pradyuman. She initially was the weakest CID officer and was scared of blood and corpses. However, with her brilliant detective skills she overcame her fear. She was instrumental in catching the criminal in "Bhoot Bangala" (February 8, 2008).
DakshInspectorManav Gohil2004–2005Originally joined CID to find out the murderer of his brother and belonged to England. He cheated CID by revealing secrets to Nakul (ACP's criminal son) for the sake of money. Shot by ACP and then died in hospital ward due to the poisonous gas released by Nakul.
AshaInspectorAshwini Kalsekar1998–2004Regarded as the best woman CID officer and stayed in the CID Team for a long period.
AditiSub-InspectorSmita Bansal2004–2005She was an intelligent and brave officer although her sister was a big criminal. She did not have friendly relations with Abhijeet because she proved that Abhijeet was present at a murder spot. Died in the episode "Mad Bomber" (August 12–19, 2005). She was first stabbed and then died due to an explosion.
LavanyaSub-InspectorJimmy Nanda2008–2009Debuted in the episode "Khoon Bhari Holi" (March 21, 2008). Initially, she followed C.I.D officers about in this episode and revealed her identity as a C.I.D member herself in the next episode. She got on well with Kaveri.
KaveriSub-InspectorParinitaa Seth2008She debuted in the case "Khoon Bhari Holi" (March 21, 2008) along with fellow CID Officer Lavanya. She was very humane and got emotional very often. ACP Pradyuman ridiculed her and Lavanya for this in "Katil Kaun Dohri Uljhan"(March 28, 2008). She acted as a criminal in the episode "The Curse of the Rose Queen" (September 28, 2007) and murdered two girls.
AnushkaSub-InspectorKavita Kaushik2005-2006Transferred.
PriyankaSub-InspectorSai Deodhar2005She was extremely headstrong and often took matters into her own hands. During the episodes of "Faceoff" (October 21, 2005-November 11, 2005) and "Trail In London" (November 18, 2005-December 2, 2005) she suspected ACP Pradyuman to be a killer.
RishiInspectorAmar Upadhyay2006Appeared in one episode, "Murder in the Safety Vault" (May 12, 2006) and took Daya's replacement. He acted as a criminal in the episode "Return of the Clown" (August 17, 2007) and kidnapped Muskaan and others,in that episode and he hypnotised everyone.

[edit]Forensic experts

CharacterPortrayed byPeriodNotes
Dr. R. P. SalunkheNarendra Gupta1998–2003
2006 - 2007 (recurring)
He was formerly known as Dr. Verma in early 1998. He was bald at first but got his hair transplanted before his return in 2007. He frequently argues with ACP Pradyuman, Dr. Sonali, and Abhijeet, but greatly cares for the C.I.D team.
Dr. TarikaShraddha Musale2007 – presentDebuted in the case "The Don's Final Revenge" (August 10, 2007). Assists Dr. Salunkhe in the Forensic Lab. Sr. Inspector Abhijeet has a crush on her. Even she has the same feelings for him but does not show it often.
Dr. Niyati PradhanShweta Kawatra2003 (recurring)
2005 - 2007 (recurring)
She was a very able Forensic doctor. She did not get along with ACP Pradyuman but they later reconciled.
Dr. Vrinda WagleMandeep Bhandar2003–2004
Dr. Anjalika DeshmukhMona Ambegaonkar2004–2005A widowed wife of a Senior Cop. She thought ACP Pradyuman was the killer of her husband, but was proved definitely wrong. Later, she proved to be an able Forensic doctor and helped the team a lot. She also had a lot of faith in ACP Pradyuman after he was proven innocent.
Dr. Sonali BarweManini Mishra2010Debuted in the case "Rahasyamai Darwaza" (May 21, 2010). She is a major rival of Dr. Salunkhe and they both argue a lot. According to the storyline, it is said that she and Dr. Salunkhe studied together at college. She was the first member of C.I.D to be kidnapped by Herpes Dongaru during "Aakhri Chunauti" (September 24, 2010-October 17, 2010)
Dr. Nyla RajyadhakshaPriya Wal2006–2007She was a brilliant doctor, and was often lauded by the team for her efforts. Vivek was shown to have a minor crush on her.
Forensic experts in the earliest casesunknown1998The first forensic doctor was never called by his name and was known as Dr. Saheb. In the first episode of CID, there were two forensics doctors, one for autopsies and the other for toxicology. After that, there was a doctor, who stayed there for a considerable amount of time before Dr. Verma arrived. The doctor before him had scrawny eyes, thick glasses and was almost bald. He had a French cut beard and he was of medium height and weight. In the third period of Dr. Salunkhe (2007–present), a dumb doctor arrived who was also unknown.

[edit]Recurring and minor characters


CharacterRankPortrayed byPeriodEpisodesNotes
AnkurAssistant InspectorAnkur Chachra1998
VivekSub-InspectorAnuj Gupta1998–1999
unknownSub-InspectorSanjeev Seth1998
ShindeSub-InspectorPranav Verma1998
DesaiSub-InspectorSanjay Shemkalyanee19981 episodeDeceased (killed in the line of duty).
DipankarDCPDilip Kulkarni1999, 20004 episodes
Baldev RajDIGShri Vallabh Vyas20022 episodesHe was seen in many cases, like the "Hidden Sniper" (a 2000 case), and "The Case of the broken Shoelace" (a 2001 case). He also acted as a criminal in episodes like the "Case of the Headless Corpse" (March 23, 2007), "The case of the Counterfeit Cop" (a 2001 case), and also as an officer in "The Case Of The 639 Coins" (21–28 June 2002).
unknownDCPAhmed Khan2002, 2005
unknownDCPSurendra Pal2002

[edit]Other popular characters

CharacterPortrayed byPeriodEpisodesNotes
Malharunknown20042 episodesDaya's Nephew.
NakulRahil Azam2004–200510+ episodesCriminal son of ACP Pradyuman, was associated with multiple terrorist gangs. Deceased (by his father).
VarunAashif Sheikh20054 episodesAditi's friend.
Vikramunknown20056 episodesCriminal Tantera's son, who mistook Abhijeet as his father.
Virenunknown20082 episodesCollege friend of Sr. Inspector Abhijit.
ShrutiShalini Kapoor20084 episodesWife of Viren.
News ReporterKishwar Merchant2008–20102 episodes
Harpeez Dongara (HD)Mahesh Manjrekar20109 episodesAppeared in the episode(s) "Aakhri Chunauti" (24 September-17 October 2010). Was on the trail to kill ACP and destroy the whole CID Team. Kidnapped all the officers in the order of Dr.Sonali, Dr.Tarika, Sub-Inspector Kajal, Inspector Fredericks, Sub-Inspector Vivek, Dr.Salunkhe, Inspector Sachin, Sub-Inspector Tasha to weaken the CID. Killed by Sr. Inspector Abhijit during an encounter in Paris,France[citation needed] (also including ACP Pradyuman and Sr. Inspector Daya).

[edit]CID Special Bureau

CharacterRankPortrayed byPeriodNotes
ACP AjatshatruACPAnoop Soni2004–2005He was also seen in "The Case Of The Blackout" (15–22 March 2002) - 2 parts.
AkshaySenior InspectorSalil Ankola2003–2005
PratapSenior InspectorNimai Bali2003–2005
AbhimanyuInspectorHrishikesh Pandey2004–2005
JasmineInspectorSushmita Daan2003–2005
TejaliInspectorMansi Verma2004–2005
AshwiniSub-InspectorAmita Chandekar2004–2005
JehanSub-InspectorSharad Kelkar2003–2004
ACP SatyakandACPSudhanshu Pandey2003–2004
SamarSub-InspectorSachin Sharma2003–2004
KushalSub-InspectorKushal Punjabi2003–2004
AkanshaSub-InspectorMughda Godbole2003

[edit]Other initiatives

[edit]CID Special Bureau

'CID Special Bureau' consists of seven officers from different functions and disciplines within the department. Their areas of expertise range from advanced forensic techniques, such as ballistics, DNA testing, carbon dating etc., to graphology and clinical psychology. The fact that they come from different backgrounds enables them to complement each others' strengths in a unique way.
Visual recreation of a crime as the layers of mystery gradually open in the course of investigation, makes the show a class above other shows in the genre.

[edit]Record ("The Inheritance/ C.I.D. 111") Episode

The popular detective series got into both the Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of World Records for its record-breaking single shot episode,[6] a feat which director B P Singh feels every "Indian should be proud of because no one has achieved this before." More than a decade ago, in 1987, Singh shot an episode of his Marathi detective series Ek Shunya Shunya in a single take of 22 minutes.
Titled "The Inheritance", this episode is about a hotelier who comes down from South Africa to wind up his business and sort out his inheritance. All his relatives gather at the hotel in the hope of getting a share of his property. A murder takes place amidst them and the owner summons the CID. Just when the CID team thinks it has tracked the killer, two more murders are committed, this time in the presence of the CID thus intensifying the suspense.
This unique episode aired on Sunday, 7 November 2004, at 8:00 pm IST. Shot continuously for 111 minutes, this was a unique attempt and understandably was given a special slot. Starring in Singh's innovative experiment were Avinash Wadhwan and Krutika Desai, among others.

[edit]CID Operation Talaash

It was a contest held by the CID production team to choose a new candidate for the team. This contest was held in the year 2006 (7 July - 1 September). Many contestants (including celebrities) were tested by the major CID Team - ACP Pradyuman, Abhijeet and Daya. Finally, on September 1st, they found their winner, Vivek V. Mashru, who plays the role of Sub-Inspector Vivek.

[edit]CID Gallantry Awards

Sony Entertainment Television announced the CID Gallantry Awards, an initiative to encourage and honour acts of bravery in society in 2010.[7] The award winners were awarded in the presence of distinguished guests, and celebrities in a grand function in Mumbai.[8]
The idea of the CID Gallantry Awards is to recognize and honor the feats of people who have performed selfless acts of bravery for the benefit of their fellow citizens and provide a platform to encourage the new generation to be courageous and brave. Many brave deeds go unnoticed and this award becomes a platform for them. The winner was given Rs. 1 lakh while the runner up received Rs. 50,000.
The jury panel consists of personalities including: Gerson Da Cunha, who is an actor, social worker and an author; Aushtosh, managing editor of IBN 7; Shanta Gokhale, writer, translator, cultural critic and theatre historian; and Kavita Karkare, the wife of 26/11 martyr Hemant Karkare.
Salman Khan was the special guest of honour at the CID Gallantry Awards. Anu MalikKailash KherAditya SrivastavShivaji SatamDaya ShettyMunisha KhatwaniKashmira ShahManasi VermaVaishnavi DhanrajVivek V. MashruAlka Verma KaraniShweta Kawatra,Manav GohilShweta KeswaniAlex O’NeilRonit Roy and other TV personalities had graced the ceremony.